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How does Hydro Survey operate?

In the traditional market for both small and large Hydro, the convention has been for consultant engineering practices to act as ‘one-stop-hydro-shops’, undertaking or subcontracting all services as a single body. While this can be effective, it can also prove cumbersome and costly. As the number of disciplines required in any hydro project has grown, so the list of support services that are required to present even the simplest project for consent has proliferated.

Phases of a project and Hydro Survey Limited involvement:

As your project progresses through the five C’s of project development, so Hydro Survey Limited role changes.


In the conceptual phase of a project Hydro Survey Limited is likely to be the only provider of input to the scheme apart from yourself and the regulators at a high level, usually in the form of ensuring that the concept scheme complies in principle with the regulatory regime in place at the time.


Early stakeholder engagement is key to a successful project outcome. Hydro Survey Limited encourage all developers to engage with the local communities, recreational users of water resources and regulators as early as possible in the process to help all parties understand the sometimes conflicting goals. Only by understanding the needs of others can those views be accommodated and the needs and goals of the project be understood.


In order to facilitate the consenting process, Hydro Survey Limited will introduce you to specialists who are known to Hydro Survey to provide an effective service. Effective does not usually equate to lowest initial cost but our experience informs us that spending a little more in the first instance represent better value in the long term and less re-visits are generally required. Once an agreed level of service and price are reached, Hydro Survey Limited will prepare and present a contract document under which you will engage the services of the specialist provider directly.


In the lead up to construction, detailing of the conceptual and consented design is required. There are two models for this.

1. A civil and structural engineer is retained to detail preliminary structures conceived by Hydro Survey Limited and the drawings are presented as part of an invitation to tender to approved civil contractors.

2. A civil contractor is invited to present a Design and Build proposal. Under such a contract, the civil contractor takes responsibility for the performance and structural integrity of the preliminary structures conceived by Hydro Survey Limited.

Either model works well and is understood by the industry. The first of the two models is the most widely used and can result in the lowest cost development, as the choice of available contractors is wider. The role of Hydro Survey Limited under this model would be just as it would for any other specialist contractor service. A number of potential providers would be invited to present their proposals, which would be reviewed by Hydro Survey limited. The most cost effective of the proposals received would be presented to you, the client, for direct appointment under a contract drafted by us.

The Design and Build option has been used in the UK and can be successful, responsibility for the structural integrity of the project resting firmly with one supplier. But it is generally confined to larger, projects as the contractors that have this capability tend to be larger and consequently more expensive to use.

Under either model Hydro Survey Limited would also act as the eyes and ears for our consortium partner, Health and Safety specialist provider and project management provider. These two providers will remain constant within the consortium as their input is critical to the success of all projects undertaken.


Through our network of contacts we can refer operation and maintenance service providers to carry out inspection surveys of your project, advise on necessary repairs and maintenance, prepare and present annual abstraction reports and generally monitor your project to ensure that it is operating to its best and providing you with as much revenue as possible.

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